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        Joint Ventures

        Joint Ventures

        Astra Microwave has formed a Joint Venture with Foreign Partner in order to pursue new domains of business where Astra Microwave synergies are further extended by the domain knowledge and technology strength of its foreign partner.

        Astra Rafael Comsys Private Ltd.: Astra Microwave Products Ltd and M/s RAFAEL ADVANCED DEFENSE SYSTEMS LTD., Israel (RAFAEL) have come together to form a Joint Venture Company called Astra Rafael Comsys Private Ltd. (ARC). ARC shall be the parties mutually exclusive vehicle in India and will focus on indigenous technology and Make in India programs. ARC will engage in carrying out production, integration, customization, marketing, sale, life cycle support and additional activities as required in the fields of Tactical Radio Communication systems, Electronic Warfare Systems and Signal Intelligence Systems.

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        ASTRA Towers, Survey No. 12(P),
        Kothaguda Post, Kondapur, Hitechcity,
        Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA – 500084.
        Ph No: +91 40 46618000/ 8001
        mktg@astramwp.com, hr@astramwp.com

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