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        Learning & Development

        Learning & Development

        AMP strongly believes in developing and rewarding our existing employees. If you join our team, we will support you to explore your potential. We offer many opportunities, activities and programs that can help you grow your career and reach your goals, whatever they may be.

        AMP has successfully embarked on developing an organisation that encourages learning, and where every team member is determined to overcome personal and professional barriers and continuously enhance competencies. To that end, AMP facilitates nurturing talent and building capabilities through various learning interventions.

        Get in Touch

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        Registered Office

        ASTRA Towers, Survey No. 12(P),
        Kothaguda Post, Kondapur, Hitechcity,
        Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA – 500084.
        Ph No: +91 40 46618000/ 8001
        mktg@astramwp.com, hr@astramwp.com

        Other Units

        • Unit I
        • Unit II
        • Unit III
        • Unit IV
        • Bengaluru
        • New Delhi